Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Dark Avengers #2 Box Set

The Dark Avengers barely register on my radar. I know they exist, but I just don't care. Everything about them screams at me, "Don't bother caring."

So why would I buy the minimate box set? (Well one of them. There's 2 box sets.) Especially when I already own minimates of 2 of the characters contained within?



Ares is pretty awesome. He's a superhero for a paycheck. A god who turned his back on his family because they didn't respect him, but who didn't give up being a complete prick.

I want him as a minimate. As for the others Miss Marvel is cool, but the others are remakes of figures I already have without enough tweaking to make it worth getting them if they had been sold seperately. (If you're wondering, yes Hawkeye's mask does come off to reveal Bulleseye, using the same head from the Bullseye/Moonstone 2-pack.) Although I do have the odd dilemma of trying to figure out if I should put these guys with in my Villain minimate case or my Avengers minimate case.

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  1. Buy them for a laugh. They're not going to last past next year anyway. Well Iron Patriot, Moonstone, Venom, Sentry, Ares, and Hawk/Bulleye are pretty much gone. Marvel Boy might stick around I'm sure they can fake it some how since he was tricked.