Sunday, October 25, 2009

Red Hulk & Ska'ar

I'm trying to remember why I ordered these minimates.

Wow. Red Hulk. DO NOT WANT. So yeah, turns out no one who orders comic books likes how Jeph Loeb is writing this whole Red Hulk storyline, but we have to keep getting them because they're popular. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE?! Stop making me support bad comic stories!

I'm not too into Ska'ar either. For those not in the know, Ska'ar is the son of the Hulk, born to an alien mother whose biology allowed her to give birth despite being dead. The Hulk, thinking his wife and unborn son were dead, left the planet but now Ska'ar wants revenge. His series was kinda... well I didn't care because I thought his story would never matter, but now that he's teamed up with Bruce Banner in Incredible Hulk I'm starting to dig him. He's written like the Hulk mixed with Conan the Barbarian. But I ordered these before I started reading the new Incredible Hulk run, so that didn't influence my decision.

I think, THINK, it's because I wanted to make sure I had every minimate Hulk Villain ever created, but I know I didn't get the Emil Blonsky/Abomination movie figures. I guess I decided they didn't count. Hmmm.

Got to stop writing these things so late at night.

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