Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3rd Doctor & Death to the Daleks

My 3rd Doctor came in the mail! He's one of those exclusive "only available in America through 5 authorized retailers" figures.

Most people think each Doctor had a specific identifiable costume, but actually the 3rd and Fourth Doctors tended to switch it up, keeping key aspects of their dress sense the same while swapping out shirts, jackets, vests, coats, and everything else. The 3rd Doctor is seen here in his costume from the story Death to the Daleks. Incidentally, in that story he thought he was taking Sarah Jane Smith to a beach planet, so this is his beach attire.

He comes with a Dalek from the same story. This is a 70's era Dalek, back when they had streamers exploding from their gun stalks to indicate that they'd fired the gun. It's shorter than my other Dalek toys, but only by a smidge.

So thanks to this set I currently have on my shelf

5 Doctors
4 Daleks (including Davros)
7 Cybermen

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