Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Batmobile was disturbingly easy to find compared to the other geek based Hot Wheels I've picked up. Mario tells me it's based on the Brave and the Bold cartoon and it looks nice. A lot better than the one from The Batman cartoon which I've passed on when I've seen them on shelves.

I still say that if I didn't know it was the Batmobile based on the packaging telling me so that I would be able to figure out on my own though. These days I need a bat symbol on it to tell the difference.

Anyway, how did it do on the track. Well originally I thought it had a Did Not Finish, being to light to get through the loop, but then I made a small adjustment to the track set-up and bam, it worked. It didn't go very far, but it worked. Actually this made me realize that this new track set up might result in previous DNF Hot Wheels being able to complete hte launch. So I sent them all down the track again and wouldn't you know, except for the Go Kart they all were able to be launched from the track. So here's the new results for the Hot Wheels track launch.

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  1. I'm still looking for the TBATB Batmobile!!!!