Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doctor Who ebay Lot: K-9

And here we come to the figure I bought the entire Lot for. Yup, K-9. I love the character, particularly for its classic series appearances. He's a character with no tact and thus says horrible things that are the truth in an attempt to be helpful. But he says them in such a logical manner that you can't get angry at him, he's just deflating you with the facts.

Plus he's a robot dog.

He's also really hard to find. Most auctions for him went far beyond what I was willing to pay for such a small figure. But I scoured the ebay and found this lot, which when combined with all the other figures, was just what I was willing to plop down.
And damn is this a great figure. His side panel even pops off with a button press to reveal his inner workings. Is he mark 1, Mark II, Mark III, or Mark IV? It doesn't matter, he can be any of them! I'm sure he's a little bigger than the scale should allow, but I don't care, he's awesome.

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