Sunday, November 7, 2010

Target Gift Cards: Puppet, Lego, Voice Changer

So the current set of Christmas Gift Cards are out at Target now. You have your normal ones with maybe a small novelty like a lenticular picture or the weird finger puppet card as seen up top. You put your fingers in there and your fingers now act as the bear's arms. And he can give you a hug!

But even more interesting are the other two. One is an electronic voice changer. You press a button to record your voice and then each of the elves on the card are actually other buttons that will distort the recording by shifting the pitch or speeding it up. It's actually kind of fun. And it's called "Elfin' Around". When I bought it the cashier did a double take because she thought it said "Effin' Around."

And the other one, the one I'm marking out about, is a Lego set. Yes. It's a gift card that doubles as a Lego set. (Or to be more accurate the box that the Lego set comes in.) It contains the 31 Legos required to build a Lego version of Target's mascot Spot.

What I find fascinating about this is that you don't pay extra for these gift cards. So you get one, put $5 on it, and then give it to someone. Not only do they get a gift card to Target, they also get a bonus toy! Or, if you're more cynical and mercenary, you get a bunch of them, put $5 on each (that's the minimum amount required) and then you've got a bunch of free toys and some gift cards that you then spend at Target at your leisure....

And here is where it gets diabolical. Since you can use your gift card to buy other gift cards, you just buy one and then use the amount on there to buy another one, repeat. Although you risk being known as an ass and possibly being banned from the store. Also, you prevent your fellow toy collectors from getting in on this deal. So use this information wisely.

I did clear my store out, but I'm actually planning on giving them to kids. So I'm not 100% evil.

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