Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Doctor Who ebay Lot: The Wire

Okay, this is kind of pushing it. This was counted as one of the 22 figures in the Lot. It's actually one of the accessories that came with the faceless Grandma Connoly figure, but it depicts a character, even if it's an energy being in a television set, so it could maybe count as an action figure.

That said, I have watned a Wire figure for a while. I've considered buying the Grandma Connoly figure but didn't want the Grandma Connoly figure itself, so the inclusion of this in the Lot was sort of advantageous.

What really sucks is that since this is an accessory, it doesn't come with the other version of the Wire that came with Grandma Connoly, the Wire in a portable television. I kinda want that accessory, so I might have to get a Grandma Connoly figure and another one of these Wire "figures."


  1. You got a pretty interesting selection of figures in this ebay lot! If I may ask, what did you pay for this collection?

  2. I don't feel comfortable expressing that in public.

  3. I can respect that. Cool haul, in any case!


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