Monday, November 1, 2010

Marvel Heroes Ultimate Collection

Yeah, so the Dollar Tree has these guys in blind bagged sets. Each figure comes in little metallic bag with 12 stickers. Which one will you get? You don't know... unless you feel the plastic through the bag. Because you know what, pretty sure the Hulk doesn't have the same shape as the Invisible Woman.

So after standing in the aisle, squeezing like an idiot, I bought two packs and got the two figures I wanted: Silver Surfer & The Invisible Woman. They're cheap, the pegs don't fit in their bases properly, and at this small a scale look weird. The pain is surprisingly good on these things though. Admittedly it's not hard to pain the Silver Surfer, just don't get any paint on him. Congratulations, success. But damn, look at the pain on the Sue Storm face. They painted her tiny little face, and didn't go out of the lines. Impressive. Although she does look a bit peeved.

But they were a $1 each and came with 12 stickers for 24 stickers total. And some of those were pretty nice, although most were crap. So was it worth it? Sort of. Could be worse I guess. I've certainly blown $1 on worse stuff.

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