Friday, November 12, 2010

Guy Gardner

Screw Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner is the best Green Lantern ever. Unfortunately the only way to get his DC Universe Classics figure is in a $100 5 pack with 4 other Green Lanterns I don't want.

See, I have a dream of one day having DCUC figures of the core 5 of the JLI. (Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice) And maybe Elongated man. But I'm not Spending $100 to get 4 abritrary figures I don't need to complete that dream. Thank God for ebay.

I got this one reasonably priced ($25) compared to the set price. I like the figure and as a stand alone it's great. Unfortunately next to the Booster & Beetle I already have he seems a tad big. His head in particular, but the way they depicted his vest and boots make him seem very bulky. He also looks a tad cartoonish compared to Booster.

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