Friday, December 16, 2011

Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 16

Day 16:
Big news, we dug up another pit and it was a woman! I'm shocked that she was buried for 16 days. If I had known I would have dug her up earlier. Her name is Charlene and she says she's a biologist. I was surprised to find that she wasn't at all put off be Ben Jr. In fact she seemed to take it in stride. What kind of world is this? Are dinosaurs commonplace?

Charlene is experiencing some memory loss too, but not as much as I am. She remembers her name, most of her life. In fact the only missing piece seems to be how she got buried in a hole. The last thing she remembers was trying to catch some small lizards to run some tests on and then- nothing. I asked if she knew me, but she said she didn't. She did say I was kind of cute and that she liked my hat. That pleased me even more than I would have thought.

She did wonder where her equipment had gone. I showed her the items I had already uncovered, but she didn't recognize them. She did seem interested in the lizard and snake I mentioned, but we couldn't find them. Me and Ben Jr. showed her our bit of land and she thought it made a lovely home. I hope she decides to stay with us.

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