Saturday, December 17, 2011

Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 17

Day 17:
Charlene used my shovel to uncover her animal trap. She suspects the pits are filled with all of the things we had with use when we were taken. If that's true she was travelling with an animal trap and I was travelling with a motorcycle, dinosaur, and dinosaur skeleton. I'm not sure if I fully accept Charlene's theory, but it's better than anything I've come up with so I'll hold my tongue for now.

I admit I was afraid that Ben Jr. would get jealous of Charlene, but he seems to like her. I like her too, although for all I know I could be married to someone in the world. Or she could. She doesn't recognize me so we never knew each other before this world of holes, so what possible reason is there for us to be buried in the same area?

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