Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thanos (Marvel Universe)

Two weeks ago I visited a collectible toy store in Sacramento that was having a sidewalk sale featuring independent vendors. I scored some sweet DC Universe Classics and McFarlane NFL deals for my brother, but I wavered quite a bit when it came time for me to pick out my purchases. I ultimately settled on this Marvel Universe figure of the cosmic villain Thanos, which was available for a pretty favorable seven dollars, about a buck cheaper than at retail. This was quite a catch, given the figure has been particularly difficult to track down in stores during the year or so it's been out.

I'm very glad I chose Thanos, as it's a superb figure. Sharing a basic sculpt with the earlier Juggernaut figure from the line, the Mad Titan is a very hefty offering for the price point, coming in at around twice the size of my Tony Stark Iron Man, the only other Marvel Universe toy I own. He's very well-articulated, though his hips are difficult to pose. In addition to the standard display base (he really doesn't need it--he has no trouble standing fine on his own), Thanos comes with a proper accessory: an interchangeable Infinity Gauntlet! It's easy to swap out with the standard gloved fist, and given the figure's size, its inclusion makes this purchase all the more satisfying. I'm not hankering to collect Marvel Universe beyond a few standout items (I've already got enough Marvel toys in 5" and 6" scales), but this well-sculpted and totally fun Thanos is definitely one of those. Track it down if you can find it.

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