Thursday, December 22, 2011


I never watched the special that Snowmiser was in (The Year without a Santa Claus... where Mrs. Claus and the elves try and grant a Florida kid's Christmas wish to see it snow in Florida.) but I've seen the youtube clips of his big song and dance number, and it's been stuck in my head since 2002.

It's a fun little song. So when I saw the vinyl figure I passed because I'm not a huge fan of vinyl figures.

But then I saw it sold out and I realized I was a little disappointed. I mean, a little decoration of Snowmiser to remind me of how much the song has stuck with me over the last decade wouldn't be a horrible thing.

And then I saw it on sale so I figured what the hell. So I bought it. I think I'll keep it in the box and display it that way. Somehow it feels like it would be a little more tacky to display it out of the box. The box adds a touch of class... or structure... or something.

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