Monday, January 30, 2012

Boomboxer and Catsette

I have no idea how I'm going to tag this. But pretty much, the Polly Pocket Cutants are on clearance at Target, so I finally broke down and bought a set. For those of you who don't know, which might be all of you, the Polly Pocket Cutant line consists of creatures who are the amalgamation of an adorable animal and a inanimate object.

So in other words, Polly Pocket now has pets that are the horrific result of genetic engineering gone wrong. Damn you Polly Pocket, why must you remind us of the horrors of science run amok?! Look no further than the entire subset of Cutants which are adorable creatures combined with tasty treats. One of them is Pigwhich, the Pig who has been combined with a cheeseburger. EAT HIM!

But let's talk about Catsette, the Cat crossed with a cassette tape, something the target demographic might be completely unfamiliar with, and Boomboxer, a boxer dog combined with boom box... a boom box that plays cassette tapes... So explain to me why Soundwave needs to be a jet? They feature almost no articulation, and at their original asking price of $4-$5, completely not worth it. But discount it to $1.50 and you've got yourself a deal. Especially once I found out Boom Boxer has an action feature. Press his handle down and his jaw moves.


  1. Those are horrendously fantastic!! I might have even shelled out $5 for those suckers.

  2. i got some from poundland for.... £1 Durr...
    there awesome