Friday, January 6, 2012


I won't go into this one very much. I got it because I needed a Luigi and didn't want to buy any of the sets that Luigi comes with. The other James has been doing a pretty good look at the single bagged Mario Kart k'nex minifigures that can be found on toy shelves, but I've still got one question.

Why do they need to be packaged wrapped in tissue paper? It's the first bagged minifigures that I've seen like this, and it makes very little sense to me.


  1. Yeah i just got Yoshi and was wondering about that tissue thing too.

  2. I think it is because of the softer heads. I know these are not the right material names, but you'll get the idea; the tissue is to prevent the harder "ABS" bodies from damaging the softer "PVC" heads. That's my main beef with these figures, is that while the cartoony detail is great on their heads, it comes at the expense of durability. This has not been a problem yet for Kelli who has had that Yoshi since the first one hit shelves, but time will tell.