Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mater's Spy Zone

Despite loving the Lightning McQueen version of a Lego Racers car, I never really picked up any of the other Cars 2 sets. Mostly because of how much they cost, fortunately there's a thing called Christmas. And Mario got me this. 

That's Holly Shiftwell, the female secret agent from England, and Mater, Larry the Cable Guy in a less racist truck form. Well, it's Agent Mater, which you can tell because he has rocket boosters and a gun. Because why the hell not.  It also comes with a nifty computer, but the impressive bits are all stickers. 

I like expanding my Lego Cars collection a little more, if nothing else than I feel like they're not actually Lego cars but Lego Minifigures... Because aren't they really? I mean, they don't use stickers on the Cars characters, they're all printed on, which these days only happens on minifigs.

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