Friday, January 27, 2012

Ultimate Construct Collection.

Toys R Us had this set, and all Green Lantern toys, on sale, do I picked it up. I'm doing what had always been my, and most people's plan, ever since it was revealed that the 4" Green Lantern movie toys constructs could be attached to the DCUC Green Lanterns by using the blast piece that came with larger Green Lantern 4" figures like Kilowog. Which means i could get rid of the Hal Jordan figure. Because screw Hal Jordan. It's pretty representative of the entire 4" DC figures. 6 points of articulation, weak plastic, boring sculpt, boring paint, very meh.

As for the constructs themselves, they're fairly solid. But when you connect them with the connector piece, they stick far out there. It's like the Green Lanterns only wanted to affect things far away from them. Like they don't want anything to violate their personal space. I'm also a little disappointed by the variety. I know there were only eight constructs, but three of them are essentially claws and two of them are spinning blades. That leaves shield, rocket launcher, and bow/arrow.


  1. You must have a box full of these by now i bet. Very cool.

  2. Great buy. I'm a big Green Lantern fan myself and would love to get my hands on toys like that.