Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Superman vs. Power Armor Lex

You know how there's complaints out there about Lego lines being too male oriented and disenfranchises girls? Considering this set is about how Superman needs to rescue Wonder Woman from Lex Luthor, they might have a point. Especially since Lex is in a Kryptonite suit. It seems like if anything, Wonder Woman should be rescuing Superman. Hell, the mini-comic that comes with the set includes a "hilarious" bit where Superman tries to free Wonder Woman with his heat vision and instead blows her up on accident, which he plays off with an embarrassed shrug.

Superman is an excellent Lego minifig, but I'm a bit disappointed by Wonder Woman.The way her torso is painted makes her look like she's wearing a red tank top.

And I've got to say, even though I bough this set for the minifigures, the Lex Luthor Robot Suit is one of the best Lego giant robot suits I've had the pleasure to build and then play with. It has a solid design but the articulation is top notch, not something I usually experience with Lego Robot suits.


  1. I almost picked this set up but i really wasn't interested in the actual battle set than i was the figures so i decided to pass....for now.

  2. Wouldn't Wonder Woman's invisible jet be tailor-made for the Lego treatment?

  3. I just order mine from Amazon! Can't wait to get it!

    Googum - Brilliant idea! All you'd need to do is order some clear brick from Bricklink or the official Lego site and you'd be good to go.

  4. I have this set and love it too. And I prefer to think that WW is there to save Superman's ass, because of the Kryptonite and all :)

    I agree with your assessment on the robot suit - it's pretty sweet!

  5. Just got this last weekend, great set!