Friday, June 20, 2014


I'm putting together, very slowly, a 1/6 scale assembly of decent Cobra figures. Unfortunately this is a whim and I'm not into paying $200 for a figure when it's just to fill the ranks, so that means many of the Sideshow figures are out unless I really like what they did with the character.

That mean's Destro's out because I think the head sculpts on the Sideshow Destro figures look horrible. I want a Destro that reminds me of the 1980's cartoon, not one that looks like his head is made of a multitude of plates stitched together. No thank you patchwork Destro. There's only a few 1/6 scale Destro figures, and since most of them were designed to cost under $20 they tend to look like a $20 12-inch figure, you know, with the plastic sheen, articulation and dimensions of a barbie doll.

But then there's the Destro that was released for the Rise of Cobra movie. Which has what may very well be the best head sculpt of any Destro ever. It's not ball jointed but due to the GI Joe design, the neck is so it's essentially a ball jointed head for posing purposes.

The suit isn't bad either. Shoes are a little disappointing, but I'm pretty sure I can find better 1/6 scale shoes. The gun is what I expect for a mass release 12-inch figure from Hasbro, but I expected that going in. The one thing Sideshow really has going for it is the accessories, when they bother to include them.

And since this is a Rise of Cobra figure, this is also a Christopher Eccelston 1/6 scale figure, so it has a Doctor Who connection. That doesn't mean anything, but I feel like I'm obligated to mention anything Doctor Who related at this point.

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  1. I like this one but with that suit it's like he should be holding a Tommy Gun lol.