Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's Go

Mario told me about a new Lego based Hot Wheel toy. Then I found it later that day. So let's see how it does.

Sadly, the studs that are meant to keep the figure sitting down aren't very good. The figure is very loose and if you tried to do a loop the loop, it would easily fall out. It doesn't fit the foot studs either.

The stunt stud on the back of the car is a little better. There's a tighter fit and I could see the Lego staying on during a loop.

Much better are the hand holds on the front and back of the car. The Lego figures really grip onto them and there's no sensation that it might fall off.


  1. Hotwheels is quite funny to have the illustration of the driver but never include a figure on it. I mean is it an additional cost to do so? Is so weird to have a empty rolling car.

  2. Neat that they did this but i wish those figures could hold on to the car better.