Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Special Weapons Dalek

The original Special Weapons Dalek toy was only available in a four pack that was a UK store exclusive. Getting it in that pack in insanely expensive. So even though the only version in the States is a version with sound effects so it costs more to pay for the electronics, I figured it was worth it to get a figure based on one of the most unique Dalek designs ever.

Seriously, the concept of this thing when I first saw it on the cover of the Remembrance of the Daleks novelization book cover made my imagination race. In the novelization they do a short passage from its POV where you find out that even for a Dalek it's considered insane and it has only one means of expression to express its anger, shooting things. There was a great little line about it too.

"Who's winning, the grey daleks or the white daleks?"
"The Bazooka Dalek."

Of course in the actual episode it barely appears, and its effectiveness and giant cannon aren't conveyed really well. The normal Daleks seem to be just as deadly. It just shows up, shoots its cannon a couple times to blow up another dalek or two and then nada. Kinda a disappointment really.

But still: AMAZING DESIGN. if only the special effects had matched the visual potential for this "character."

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