Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cyborg Spider-Man and Songbird

Look, the Cyborg Spider-Man is cool and all, I like that his headband and cybernetic eye are actually a part of the head piece and not some removable hat like thing. But the reason I really wanted this set was the Songbird figure that helps me complete my set of Norman Osborn era Thunderbolts. The energy bird wings is pretty neat, even if it's possibly the largest accessory/base of a minimate ever. Her hovering effect is accomplished by a peg on the base that plugs into a small hole in her back. It's not the most stable thing ever, and I expect it would snap off eventually if I left it like this, but hopefully it can stand the test of time if I only ever use it a few times.

And hey, Spidey comes with an alternate arm so he only looks like he's had his eye replaced..... geez, why even bother.

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