Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mister Freeze

Oh, DC Multiverse, you're everything DC 4" figures should have been before they failed horribly and made me want to curse Mattel. But now you're here and even with your limited articulation, at least the toys look great and are in scale with.... okay actually they're not in scale with any other 4" figures but at least you look pretty good.

At least this Mister Freeze figure looks good. So with this and the Penguin, I think you're batting 1 out of 6 for me, which is still a hell of a lot better than the DCU Infinite Heroes which I believe was 1 out of 50. (That's my own personal satisfaction ratio. Which I think comes down to me saying there were three figures I liked in that line. Green Lantern Guy Gardner, translucent green Green Lantern Guy Gardner and the Ryan Choi Atom.)


  1. I can totally forgive the articulation here with this chap. The sculpt looks great. He's one of the taller figures from the line, does he work okay with figures well from other lines?

  2. His sculpt looks good for this Mr Freeze.