Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Groot and Nebula

A friend of mine picked up some of those Guardian of the Galaxy bobble heads from Funko and gave me the ones he didn't want. (Blind boxes... they suck so hard.) The figures are basically mini vinyl figures except with a spring connecting their neck and heads, so that they bobble. The Groot bobbles much more than the Nebula since the space where the spring attaches to the head is very narrow, leaving only a minimal amount of bobble movement. Meanwhile Groot's head is barely attached to the body, so the spring gets a lot of freedom to bounce. It has the unfortunate side-effect of making it look like Groot's head is falling off if you look at it at the wrong angle, since the head is, as I mentioned, barely attached to the body, with only the spring connecting the two. Both my friend and I would have preferred these to be simple vinyl figures. The Bobblehead stuff is more annoying than its worth. Also, I prefer bobble heads to be more like the classic ones rather than the Funko design. Because without a base, when you push the head, you're just as likely to push the entire figure over.

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