Thursday, August 14, 2014

Princess Peach Birthday Girl Cart

Many years ago when I was really into the Mario Kart K'nex sets, I bemoaned the lack of variety in the car designs. Most of them were just recoloring a few basic cars, with no cars really capturing the spirit of the personal cars from the games. Then they released 4 of the personalized cars and I realized that for the price they wanted I couldn't be bothered.

Of course now they're on clearance and hard to find, but I picked up this Princess Peach set when I could. It's another Princess Peach figure for me to put aside, another banana peel, and a pretty neat looking K'Nex car. Oh sure, the motor is one of those "pull back and let go" engines but it's designed to be swapped out with a battery powered one so, yes, this baby will go on the Mario Kart tracks! And the body is one solid piece, with very few actual building block elements to any of the car, so it should be a pretty solid racer. Weirdly the crown emblem on the front of the car is a sticker you have to apply yourself, so I guess the idea is you could have gotten one of these and put the Donkey Kong sticker on it if you wanted to?

Meanwhile, who wants to discuss how problematic it is from a social and feminist standpoint that they made sure that Princess Peach's vehicle was the pink one associated with parties and cake? Or is that a discssion for another day?

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  1. Such nice kart and I never have seen this one before.