Sunday, August 24, 2014

Han Solo and Slave Leia

There's some controversy amongst Star Wars fans because the only Princess Leia merchandise Disney was selling in Disney stores or Disneyland shops is the Star Wars Black Princess Leia figure in slave gear. It's easy to see why they're annoyed, Leia is a female character who embodies strength and courge, and who lead a rebellion, providing a strong role model for girl geeks as they grew up. But Disney thinks girls don't like sci-fi or action so they refused to put out any merchandise for Leia fans except for an action figure that depicts her as an objectified damsel in distress (and possibly a sex slave.) 

Theb Disney caved to fan preasure (and the ensuing bad press and realization of lost profits) and announced they would be putting out new Leia merch soon. Which means I can now own this figure without feeling like I'm supporting a toxic policy. I'm still weirded out that Hasbro decided that the first and so far only 6 imch female Star Wars figure they've released is Slave Leia, but I like Leia and if I have to be honest, I am a heyerosexual male so I like the costume on an aesthetic level. I just wish they had another Leia that I could also own and not feel like such a creep. 

Meanwhile in the same wave they released  a figure of Han Solo in his iconic look. So I picked that up as well.

Maybe I'd feel better if they released a Han Solo wearing a speedo, from that scene where he's putting himself through pilot's school by being an exotic dancer. It's where you learn that "Han Solo" isn't his given name.

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