Friday, August 15, 2014

Tankblast and Red Ninja

I've always thought the GI Joe microforce was too expensive for what you got. But since I found a blind bagged two-pack on clearance I thought I'd see what was up. And wouldn't you know, I ended up getting two generic characters which might as well be generic army guy and ninja. Seriously, Tankblast was a character created for this toy line. Which means they just had a plain army guy in green with a bazooka and had to assign him a name because they already had a figure called "Grunt." You know which GI Joe has a bazooka? Bazooka. The one with an actually distinctive look.

Which is a pretty good indication that this type of set was totally not for me. Because blind bags suck ass. Unless they're under $1. But this was exactly $1 so it still sucks ass.

Incidentally, I think in a fight of bazooka vs. sword, bazooka has a pretty good chance unless they start the fight a few feet apart.

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  1. Some of the other figures are much better than these 2.


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