Monday, October 3, 2011

Charlie Brown

I bought this a few years ago, but clearly it' from "It's te Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." The figure come with Charlie Brown and his two accessories. A sheet depicting Charlie Brown's attempt at a ghost costume (which can stand on its own and thus serve as a second figure! Score!) and a bag of rocks.

Because Charlie Brown, he got a rock.

God, that's an awesome accessory. They packaged the figure with a constant reminder of the horrible life that Charlie Brown has, but which he ultimately doesn't let get him down, because Charlie Brown has an inner strength and tranquility that most of us can only dream about. He may hate his own blockheadedness, but he knows that in the grand scheme of things, he has peace.

So yes, give him his rocks. Even in as a toy. So as far as Peanuts toys go, this is A-number 1 super awesome.

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  1. Oh that is cool i like the Peanut holiday sets and figures.


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