Saturday, October 1, 2011

Guess I'm not getting a giant attacking Bowser statue

After opening and being impressed by the Bowser Mario Kart set I looked into the Stone Bowser set and holy hell... $90?

Sure it comes with a Mario, Yoshi and Bowser minifigures, two battery powered karts, and a Bowser statue that shoots fireballs and moves its arms about, but $90? When I've already gotten all the minifigures? And when buying sets to get all three dudes with karts would still only cost me $75...

They really need to release some variant minifigures in this line or new characters, because I want so many of the playsets but can't justify buying them if I'm getting the same karts and minifigures with each set.

BUT DAMNNNNNN that's a sweet ass race track. It has a Bowser statue.

1 comment:

  1. Daaangg that is a pretty sweet set! I'd love to get it if I had a place to put it lol!