Monday, October 24, 2011

Cyborg Superman

Say what you will about the character or how he's been used, Cyborg Superman has a great design. When he first showed up in Reign of the Supermen he was one of the horses I was betting on to be the return of Superman. I was wrong, and he turned out to be evil, and then used in increasingly stupid stories. And at some point someone decided he should be a Green Lantern villain.

Which is silly because look at him, he should always be a Superman villain. He's part Superman, part robot. ALL EVIL!

The figure is everything I could have hoped for, save for the fact that his hip joints are stiff and thus he has standing up. Also, plastic cape, which always suck. But the way they implemented the Cyborg face is great. You get the sense that his head really is a chunk of metal with a small flap of flesh stuck on top of it.

Oh and he came with Mongul.

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  1. Mongul is funny, he looks like the result of a frontal collision between the Thing and the Barbie Corvette.


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