Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Harley... I am ashamed of myself for this title

I finally opened the Harley Quinn figure I've been sitting on for the last couple years. I got it since I never saw it on the shelf and then BAM, there it was. Then I never opened it.

Then I picked up the Mad Love 2 pack with the alternate Harley with a face that had less blue. But then I realized that it wasn't worth the extra cost when I've got a perfectly fine Harley at home. And so I returned the two pack and still didn't open my Harley figure.

Until last week when I figured, what the hell, my villains shelf is looking a little bare. I should spruce it up with something new. And since I'm not going to be buying a new villain figure for a while, I finally opened the Harley figure to put next to the Joker and Riddler figures I've already got on the shelf... And I got to say... It wasn't worth the wait. It's a good figure,  but I really probably should have opened it years ago. The blue face isn't really an issue, just imagine that she's choking victim Harley and suddenly it all makes sense... Except why is she choking? Does the Riddler know the Heimlich maneuver and will he do it even if Harley doesn't answer a riddle?

The only serious beef I've got with the figure is that the holes on the pegs of her feet don't fit with the Super Power stands I got from Mattell. Instead I had to put her on one of the clear stands that come with the All Star DCUC figures.

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