Thursday, October 13, 2011

A-team van but smaller

Well here's something that I was surprised to see on a shelf at Target. I'm really loving Hot Wheels increased regularity at releasing pop culture vehicles. I wonder if they're just more attuned to the way that our culture has become increasingly saturated with nostalgia for cultural artifacts or they just accidentally hired a huge geek who is slipping these under the radar. Or maybe their reps who go to Comiccon are coming back with skewed views about what the people want.

Either way it means I have a die cast representation of B.A. Bartacus's van. The back of the package downplays their mercenary nature, but has to keep pointing out that B.A. Would have to constNtly strip the van and put it back together due to all the crazy times they had to turn it into a death car... Because of all those greedy businessmen with their own private armies who were harassing poor small town people with hot daughters.


  1. This is the first I've heard about this... Off to Target!

  2. I was just lamenting the fact that, since obtaining the BTTF DeLorean, 2011 has brought zero Hotwheels that I am interested in.

    Now there's one I'm interested in!

  3. Yes! I gotta get this one! I also noticed that they recently released a '69 Dodge Charger; Could they be gearing up for a new General Lee?

  4. I found one of these! Thanks for let us know these are out. : )

  5. GOod grab! Is Lawrence T inside?


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