Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Real Ghostbusters Minimates Wave 2

They did a cool little hair flip thing with Peter to better represent the way his hair looked in the cartoon. It actually helps make him look hip. Which is great because to me Peter Venkman is the best of the Real Ghostbusters, until voice actor Lorenzo Music was replaced by Joey from Full House because Bill Murray complained that Music didn't sound like him. 

Winston is Winston. He is cool. His figure is cool. He alone was able to stand up against the Sandman.

I guess there's some controversey about the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. He's supposed to be happy, not angry. It's the variant for the Toys R Us line. He's supposed to be angry in the 4 packs and some people are complaining that this angry eyebrows version robs them of the happy, friendly Stay Puft they were promised in this wave. I guess I can see that, but I'm not that big a fan of Stay Puft myself. Besides, I already have a happy smiling Stay Puft minimate from another Ghostbuster pack. I got this for the Louis Tulley as Ghostbuster figure. In the cartoon he donned the uniform a couple times. Usually when the real Ghostbusters got kidnapped by ghosts.

The Sandman. The figure is bulky but they made the Sandman into a toy and that is AMAAAAAZING! Every time I look at it I keep, hearing the Sandman calling in his raspy voice.

Evil Slimer is big and evil, and Killerwatt is likewise cumbersome. Both figures keep threatening to topple over. It's just too much weight balanced unevenly for those little clear floaty stands to handle.

Finally the Logo Ghost. I never even knew this was a real character. And he comes with a handsaw because the back of the box says he's trying to saw his way out of the logo. Genius.

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