Thursday, September 29, 2011

Universal Monsters Minimates, Wave 2

So last year they release minimates based on the Universal Monster movies the Wolfman and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. This year it's Dracula and Frankenstein, so they're pretty much blowing their big load right now. As with last year there are direct market releases (Comic book stores) and Toys R Us releases. The Direct Market gets two sets, each devoted to a different movie and containing four figures each. Toys R Us gets four 2-packs, including the black and white variants of the main monsters. I got the other three packs.

Dracula and Van Helsing: Van Helsing looks a little dull, like an old man who wants it to be warmer. Fortunately Dracula is looking rather iconic. He will seduce your fiance and drink her blood. Because, you know, swarthy foreigners... man... historical xenophobia. Am I right, folks?

Frankenstein's Monster and Doctor Frankenstein: The doc's surgical gown is surprising detailed, but other than that, he doesn't look like anything but a generic dude. Sadly he's also taller than the Frankenstein's monster minimate. How does that work? They even gave the monster bigger shoes to match the movie design. Dang. I hope they make Munster toys and get it right.

Bride of Frankenstein and a Villager: The villager is the exclusive in this wave. Sadly, no hunchback was released this time around. But on the upside they gave the villager a pitchfork AND a torch! Everything you need to build up an unruly mob. Of one guy. A mob of one guy. Igor could have taken him out. Actually because of the hair, I think the Frankenstein's Bride might be my favorite character in the set. You can't beat that hair.

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  1. I shall buy these but after they get marked down thats how i got my Wolfman and Gillman.