Monday, September 19, 2011

Doctor Doom

Now, you see, this is why I hate plastic capes. They don't allow for much articulation and as a result, when you get a toy like this Marvel Select Doctor Doom it means you can't have him sitting in his throne while he's wearing the cape.

It almost makes the throne a pointless accessory. Fortunately the cape slips off in this case, so you can have him sitting down. More toys need to have removable capes. Hell, the Super Powers line that everyone fetishizes all the time had both cloth capes that were removable! I also like Doom's alternate hand, the one that has him holing up a grail to toast to his victory.

But what is Doom without his cape? So I chose to pose him standing up, with his cape on. That does mean I'm left with a giant Throne with emblazoned with the letter "D." I wonder if I can repurpose it with another character.


  1. Yeah it's odd that they gave him a plastic cape instead of a cloth one. Still a great looking figure and set piece.