Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big Time Spider-Man and Iron Fist

Seriously, why did I buy these?

For Spider-Man? I've got a ton of Spider-man minimates already. And this costume only appeared in 4 issues. Sure Marvel's really gotten into this costume, putting it on a lot of the faux Spiders from Spider-Island and as alternate costumes in video games, but the costume itself has had minimal impact on the comic. (Not like the black costume.) But I will admit that it looks cool. (In the comics it has tech in it that makes the wearer invisible and sound proof. So no one can detect him.)

And I've already got an Iron Fist minimate from the original Iron Fist/Power Man 2-pack that featured the characters in their iconic 70's garb. Sure this is the new Iron Fist design with the whole "Mystical Hong Kong Fantasy Martial Arts Action Epic" vibe that Matt Fraction created. You can tell he's bad ass because his fists are taped up and he's not wearing the plunging v-line spandex or the baby booties anymore. This is a grimmer and gritier Iron Fist for a new era.

Am I that much a sucker for cool costumes that I'll buy two figures of characters I already have in my collection already in much more iconic costumes? Am I really that superficial/a collector?


  1. I was tempted by this one but pass on it deciding i didn't need it.

  2. Your Iron Fist picture has been shared with credit on the Iron Fist facebook fan page:

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