Friday, September 9, 2011

Autobot Jazz

Sometimes I wonder if the reason everyone is reviewing the Jazz figure from Kre-O is because it's the cheapest one to come with a Jazz minifigure that isn't Mirage. Because who cares about Mirage? Jazz sounded like Scatman Crothers and everyone remembers him fondly. Me, I actually enjoyed the toys but I was never really into the cartoon. Or the comic. (Although the three issue Dinobot arc early on was AWESOME.) So I guess I liked the Transformers as a concept rather than as characters. So I got Jazz to try out the Kre-Os and to get a Transformer minifigure that isn't Mirage, because Mirage looks weird. If that means I follow the crowd then so be it.

As building blocks, the Kre-Os are the sturdiest non-Lego I've encountered. They're not quite as hardy as Legos, but they're the closest anyone has come yet.

As for the Car and Robot that you can build. They both look great. But I'm REALLY disappointed that both modes fail to use all the bricks that come with the set. When I finished the car mode I had six or seven pieces left over and when I finished Robot Mode I had sixteen completely different parts left over. And some of those parts were freaking huge. You know, like the windshield, and the doors, and two of the wheels. It's like every excuse Michael Bay had was true. You can't fit all the pieces of Vehicle mode into Robot mode.

Which sucks, because why the hell not?

But minifigures based on the Transformers? Awesome.


  1. Been looking at getting one of these sets to try and this just might be the one after reading and seeing your photos on it.

  2. I think I'll get Mirage, just to be a counterpoint!