Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If you're going to have an Injustice League you're going to need some Joker

Seriously, if you mention the top DC Villains and Joker isn't in your top 2, then you're wrong. So I seriously need the Joker to beef up my shelf of 6 inch DC Villains. (It's sadly sparse compared to my hero shelf and my Rainbow Corps shelf.) Yes, I picked up a Mad Love 2-pack, but before I open that I should probably address the Joker &  Harley figures I already have... Well actually Harley's going to be placed in the closet to one day be taken out if I have a friend who REALLY digs Harley and has a birthday coming up, and the Joker I just opened.

Because the Mad Love Joker is in a Tuxedo, or something approximating that, I decided I still needed a traditional colors Joker, even if they do share the same face. (Or does that make it better? Now you can pretend he just changed clothes. Or his clothing was sprayed with black paint.)

Now in recent years the Joker has been turned from the clown prince of crime, a criminal doing it in style, into a homicidal lunatic with varying levels of sanity, and considered deadly chaos. I'm not sure I like this change, but story wise, it tends to work. Still this figure can be scary if looked at in the right angle.

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  1. I always though Joker was scary. I mean, really, Nicholson! I think alongside pennywise he is a big part of the reason so many people are scared of clowns.

    Aside from circuses I mean.