Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Break Room with Pat

I don't know when it was that I got into the Cubes line of action figures, but I've had a tendency to buy them and not open them. But no longer. The Cubes are 3 inch scale figures that are of office drones. They each come with a cubicle and accessories depicting the world of a generic office. The kind that was in the movie Office Space. Or Dilbert.

Let's start with Pat, who comes with the Cubes break room. After the initial offering of interchangeable cubicles, set 5 (this one) began showing other depressing parts of the corporate office world. Like the break room. Seen here with a water cooler and whatnot. I love this stuff. I've worked in places like this. I've seen the bulletin board with the minimum wage information. I've seen the donuts.

Look, clearly the figures aren't that impressive, but holy hell those accessories are awesome. Where else other than Playmobil are you going to get a 3 inch scale coffee pot? That I can then try to wedge into Captain Kirk's hand?


  1. The sad thing is that my office makes me wish for that kind of break room. We don't have company water, much less coffee.

  2. Nice looking set with lots of little details to it.

  3. Fun Fact: In the web of The Cubes, they write that Pat's sex is unknown.

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