Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hey, it's Golden Age Cheetah! The inspiration for two generations of fetishes. Seriously, that damn Superfriends cartoon probably screwed up the fantasies for millions of young men. Oddly enough this toy gives her a cleavage plunge in her costume that it didn't originally have. They've pretty much Catwomanned-up this figure.

She doesn't need a cleavage baring costume! Stop trying to further pervert the former youth of yesteryear!

Yeah, I've got nothing more than that. I just got her because I wanted a top tier female villain figure and there aren't that many of those in the DCUC line. There's barely any female villain figures in the line at all. What, Harley Quinn and if you're feeling generous then Catwoman and Silver Banshee, although Banshee was technically part of the Superman/Batman Public Enemies Target line.

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