Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Go Hastings haul pt. 2

I also got some t-shirts but those aren't toys, so let's continue.


Bright orange Dalek. You will love it. It is also the last of the rainbow Daleks I needed, because the White one is boring. But more importantly, it comes with an 11th Doctor variant. Him without his jacket, when he's in full "chips are down" mode. I don't know why, but I'm loving most of the 11th doctor variants. With the other Doctor toys I've seen the variants as annoyances since the costumes were of only minor differences or of costumes that didn't really reflect a iconic moment for the character. But with the eleventh Doctor many of his costume changes have lead Matt Smith to act in unique ways because he loves playing with his environment and what he's wearing. Put a fez on him and he'll become childishly in love with it. Every new costume or accessory let's Smith access another aspect of the 11th Doctor's wildly shifting moods and personality.

So having the Doctor take off his jacket is his way of rolling up his sleeves and preparing to do really hard work. Something he considers really important with no room for error. Like the Daleks. Which explains why he was paired with one in this two-pack.

Eleventh Doctor's Crash set

I'm also not a big fan or regeneration variants. Usually they're just one Doctor's head on the sculpt of another Doctor's body. Boring. They did do an 11th Doctor regeneration figure with Matt Smith's head on a 10th Doctor body. It was pretty lame. Smith is a pretty skinny dude but the 10th Doctor body with his head looks like a bodybuilder with huge pecs.

Meanwhile the 11th Doctor's first full episode was pretty awesome and he spends most of it wearing the rags of the 10th Doctor's costume. The look even earns a nickname: the Raggedy Doctor. It wasn't until well into the 5th season that I realized how much I enjoyed the 11th Doctor and realized I liked all his costume changes. So I wanted a Raggedy Doctor figure but he only comes in this two-pack with a figure I already had. Fortunately the Go Hastings sale meant I could get the two pack for less than a single figure.

That sale was awesome.

The figures are what you would expect, although the rolled up sleeves changes the position of the cut joint from wrist to mid-forearm. But since the sleeve is positioned differently the joint is joined at an angle so using the joint makes the Doctor look like he has a broken arm.

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