Monday, September 12, 2011

Go Hastings Haul pt. 1

Hey, so I got an insanely good coupon from Go From what I can tell it's a mid-west Media store. I'm assuming it's like a Sam Goody or a FYE. Or a Borders? I really don't know, but they have an online store which actually sells Doctor Who toys, so hey, let's jump in that!

I picked up a bunch of stuff like...

Saint Walker

With the realization that the likelihood of getting DCUC figures of characters I want for a reasonable price has basically bottomed out, I'm now more willing to fill gaps in my collection with DC Direct figures. Which is why I picked up this ultra cheap Saint Walker. (Under $5.) Now I have the main representative of the Blue Lantern Corps. Sure he's only got 9 joints (neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, t-joint hips), cut shoulders, and the lantern comes apart really easily, but I'm not paying $30 for him. At least the sculpt is in scale and pretty good. Although the lack of joints is starting to get to me. Not even cut wrists. Hell, I'd probably have taken the waist cut.

Current Rainbow Corps Status

Green Lanterns: 12
Sinestro Corps: 6
Red Lanterns: 3
Star Sapphires: 3
Blue Lanterns: 2
Orange Lanterns: 1
Indigo Lanterns: 1
Black Lanterns: 1

Dalek Strategist

I have been wanting more of the candy coated rainbow Daleks from Season 5. Something about how garish and sleek they are appeals to my sense of ironic appreciation. Especially with all the people decrying how much they hate the design. SCHADENFREUDE! So if you're getting one of the iDaleks then you've got to complete the primary color pallet and get the blue one. Something about it just shouts, HEY KIDS! BUY THIS TOY!

Ironsides Dalek

Military green Dalek. Undercover Dalek. Awesome.finally, a must have Dalek variant.


  1. nice haul! i haven't opened St. Walker yet...

  2. They had a Hastings in my college town and I spent a lot of money and time there. They sold/rented movies and games. Sold books and toys too. You could also trade in your books, games and movies for store credit or cash. I miss going there. Great pick ups.