Friday, September 2, 2011


I've never watched TNA wrestling so I'm not familiar with the Sharkboy character. For all I know he could be a jobber. But I did see an MTV documentary about prowrestling back in 2000 that talked to wrestling school students, one of which was working on developing his in ring persona: Sharkboy. So it's nice to see that he made it.

Of course that's not enough to get me to buy an action figure. What really sold me, aside from the $5 sale price, was his ridiculous/awesome costume. The luchador shark mask is worth the price of admission alone. Add in the name emblazoned across his tights like an 70's plastic apron that came with a cheap Halloween costume you bought from a drugstore. That is amazingly cheesy/ gaudy. It's like a stereotype of how a pro wrestler should look. How can you not love that.

And shockingly, it has amazing articulation. It's articulated like a Marvel Legend figure, with double joint knees. That makes Sharkboy seem like a very flexible wrestler.


  1. Sharkboy is great! Not for sure if he is still wrestling with TNA.

  2. Last time I saw him he was doing a Stone Cold Steve Austin riff. For some reason.

  3. He'd be great as a Black Manta goon, maybe get two or three for a mini-army.

  4. OMG! His costume has teeth on its CROTCH!

    That raises some uncomfortable images.