Monday, November 21, 2011

Amelia Pond

They finally made an Amelia Pond figure about a year after she first showed up in the show. Still no Rory figure, even though he's a main character whose actor's name appears in the opening credits. He's been in more episodes than River Song, and she's got 4 figures. Also, he's her daddy.

Um, yeah, but Amelia Pond. Considering she's Amy Pond as a child, they use Amelia Pond a lot in the show. Most likely they only planned to use her once but then they realized how good the actress is (and hey, she's the cousin of the actress who plays Amy, but they had never met until they filmed the show) and how popular the little girl version of Amy Pond turned out to be.

Incidentally, I like the character. I'm always thrilled when Amelia Pond shows up, although I hope they don't have to pull a Walt from Lost when she grows up. So when they announced a figure of Amelia Pond I was down for it. Although the fact that it doesn't come with any accessories and is smaller than other figures is kind of a kick in the pants. Would it have killed them to include... I dunno, a bowl of fish fingers and custard. Or an apple with a smiley face on it? Or a crack in a wall? Oh man, yes. I want them to make a crack in the wall as an accessory. No idea how, but DO IT CHARACTER OPTIONS! AND THEN RELEASE IT IN THE UNITED STATES UNDERGROUND TOYS!

There's a variant of this figure only available at a Doctor Who exhibit in England, so I'll never get that, but this is a good version too. The likeness isn't great, but it gets the idea across. I really dig the rain boots. The nightgown sort of acts like a dress, restricting the leg movements. But since this is a smaller figure its a lot easier to keep the figure balanced so that's good. All around a good figure.

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