Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh what hell, Character Building?

Character Building is Character Options line of lego-like block toys. They're most prominent for their Doctor Who figures, but they've begun making the leap into generic building toys. They have their own design for minifigures, as all building block toys usually do, and based on the strength of Doctor Who license they were able to do a series of blind packed Doctor Who minifigures. Since it's a Doctor Who Line, there's not a huge call for Character Building stuff in the mass market retail chains.

Which is why I was shocked to find Character Building minifigures blind packed figures at Target in their trading card section. For $2 you could get a blind packed generic Character Building minifigure. Which would be neat if the reason most Americans gave a damn about Character Building was anything other than Doctor Who toys. They don't even look like great figures, but whatever. I searched around for one of the UNCOMMON figures, the zombie with an exposed brain, and picked one up so I could ascertain whether the figures were good enough to be worth my while to seek out the Doctor Who figures.

And for $2 I can happily say, no, no they're not. Let's not even get into the part where the RARE figures are repainted versions of the COMMON figures so the ol' squeeze and feel method won't help you find a RARE figure. The things are not very detailed, the paint's a little sloppy, and hey, some of them don't come with any accessories. Like the zombie. I mean, sure, I think the Lego minifigures are over-priced, but at least they come with cool accessories and amazing paint decals. I dunno man, do I really want Cybermen if they're just versions of these figures.

Yes, but only because they're Cybermen. And I don't want to pay the going rate for them.


  1. These look some one cool and for $2 i shall at lest buy one.

  2. oh man, do i have to Epic battles these too?

  3. I do agree that the LEGO collectible minifigures are a bit more expensive than they should be & I agree that the Character Building blind bag generic figures aren't as exciting as they could be. They are well made though. They seem to be made from a very durable plastic. They fit together very nicely. I haven't encountered any with loose parts yet (LEGO.. ahem.. on the other hand I've found several that have hair pieces that come off way too easily). I'm rambling now.. I think for $2 the character building toys aren't bad. They would be great for young individuals that are actually going to play with them.

  4. I found the zombie and I really like him. I am confused as to why his brain is exposed? I would prefer the top not be open and maybe have a brain in his hand? I never was able to find the LEGO zombie minifigure without paying lots of money for him on EBay so it was cool to find a character building zombie for $2. He'll be a nice addition to my LEGO and Character Building Doctor Who collection. I must say that I love that Character Building toys twist at the waist. I wish that hair and/or helmets could be interchanged though.