Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I got another TARDIS

So that makes the fourth TARDIS I own in the 5" line. And I've got another one on order, so man, I'm collecting a lot of these things. But let's take a look at my latest TARDIS.

Yup, it's Idris. Or the TARDIS in Idris' body after HOUSE transferred her soul to a human body. So as far as I'm concerned, this is a TARDIS figure. It is noticeably different than past TARDIS figures in that it is not a big Blue Police Box. Thank you for reading completely Obvious things, the blog.

Hey, a row of TARDIS... how do you spell the plural of TARDIS?
So, interesting side note, while the dress makes it hard to pose the TARDIS's legs, you can twist the waist around and because the way the bustle is designed the TARDIS can look pregnant.

And I'm going to stop writing now before I start making inappropriate jokes. Because the TARDIS is a woman and it can be assumed that the Doctor has genitals.

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  1. I've always figured that Tardis was, if not a collective noun, than at least one with an approximate quantity. Like custard. Have custard? Add more custard...still custard. Now you just have a bigger bowl of Tardis.