Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hey, Free Legos at Target.

Oh look, it's a book. No wait, it's a deceptive envelope-slash-box thing to hide a giftcard.

Remember last year Target had those Lego gift cards, where in addition to a gift card you got a Lego version of the Target mascot? Well they're back this year, but even better. Because now they've added additional bricks. So now you can make either the Target dog, a snowman, or a Polar Bear. And it's all technically free, since the only thing you pay is the amount you put on the gift card, which you can then later redeem at Target. You lose no money, you get a bunch of Legos. How is this not awesome?

WAIT! It's even awesomer. Last year the gift card you brought in to redeem the credit was the plastic box the Legos came packed in. This year it's a much bigger box... so the gift card is an actual card that detaches from the plastic case. It's now incredibly convenient to bring the cards with you. Which is great for someone like me who will put the bare minimum on each card ($5) so I can get as many Legos as I feel is not abusing the system. The card even says "Building Permit" on it.

Is there a downside? I guess the Polar Bear looks rather suspicious. But that's about it.

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  1. My friend Chris bought some these and he seems to like them.