Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playmobil Nativity Scene

I've been thinking about buying a Playmobil nativity scene for years. So why now?

I resisted buying the last Playmobil set (which came with Wise Men) because the manger was made completely out of cardboard. My plan had always been to include new and wacky characters into the Nativity scene, so the manger was the primary reason I wanted to pick up a Playmobil Nativity. (Playmobil baby Jesus in his crib was the second reason.) If the manger was just cardboard... well I could do that at home so why would I buy a playset?

Then this new version came out with plastic manger and ground. No wise men (you can buy them separately) but the major players are still there. Sure the backdrop is cardboard, but I can live with that. The important bit is solid plastic. It gives it a more tangible quality.

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