Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, wave 1, Toys R Us Exclusives

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates are awesome because it allows never before Marvel figures to be released and ensure the expansion of the Street Fighter Minimate line from like a decade ago. Now the way Diamond is distributing these is a bit weird. For Each wave 6 box sets of two figure will be released. 2 of these sets are sold wherever Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 minimates are being sold. 2 of these sets are available only through Direct retailers (comic book stores and collectible toy stores). 2 sets are only available through Toys R Us. I've already pre-ordered the 4 sets only available through direct retail, so I knew I'd have to wait and snatch up the Toys R Us Exclusive figures when they became available.

And that would be last weekend. So BAM!

Hulk vs Mike Haggar:

Because shirts are for puny wussy men. This set pretty much establishes the complete lack of character connection in choosing these packs. Do they have a similar design scheme? Good enough! Which explains why other packs include the guys wearing suits of armor (Iron Man vs Arthur the Knight) or guys with swords (Deadpool vs. Dante) or even girls with wings (Phoenix vs Morrigan) Based on the way these things were packaged, I'm not entirely sure which accessories are meant to go with which characters. Who gets the cloud of dust/smoke. Who gets the clear base? I'm assuming Hulk gets the base because the new arms and legs he gets to make him appear bulked up include a larger than normal hole on the bottom of his foot and the peg on the base seems a little larger than usual.

Meanwhile, Haggar obviously get the pipe. Because he's a mayor and mayors need pipes. To beat up street gangs that kidnap their daughters. And he gets the dust cloud because I had to put it somewhere.

Magneto vs Zero

See, it's two guys with metal helmets. I wish Zero were Mega Man, but since the game designers though Zero had the more interesting move set, I get him instead. He's still got a blaster arm, which is of small comfort. Although I notice there's no alternate hand for the blaster arm. So he's always going to have a blaster arm... is that how it's supposed to be? I stopped playing Megaman games at Megaman 3, and even then I never really finished the games, so I don't know about Zero at all. I only know about Tron Bonne and Roll from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Dude's got a ponytail for cripes sake. MEGA MAN DIDN'T HAVE NO PONYTAIL. Zero does have a laser sword though, so that's nice. I guess.

And look, another Magneto figure. Sure. Why not. At least he gets a new flying base and a helmet that was previously released in a 2-pack I never picked up. So those are welcome accessories. The glowing purple "magnetism" works well, but I've already got a few of those. Other than that, this is a standard Magneto minimate release.


  1. Am wanting the Hulk/Haggar and Ironman/Arthur sets myself.

  2. I kind of want the Zero. Like you said, he's not Mega Man, but sorta.