Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silent with Closed Mouth

Good figure. Tallest Doctor Who figure I own. The Silent towers above the other figures in this line and is just as tall as the Sontaran ship... and almost as tall as the motion control TARDIS. Articulation is standard for a Doctor Who figure, featuring all the cut biceps and thigh joints that are surprising to see in a 5 inch figure. And it balances surprising well for a tall thin figure.

Okay, enough about the toy. Fanboy ranting now!

So the Silent aren't a species, they're a religion, with worshippers from multiple races. Which is fine except every time one of these species shows up, they're the Silent and nothing else. It's like how all the members of the people from Raxacoricofallapatorius are referred to as the Slitheen even though it's clearly established that the Slitheen are the name of one family on that planet. The Doctor should know better. It'd be like referring to all the people of Earth as a Rodriguez. (You thought I was going to pick a Euro-centric name, didn't you. Racists.)

Another thing I'm kinda weirded out about is the concept that you can't remember the Silence and can only realize they exist if you're looking right at them. It's like the Stone Angels, the only time you can do about them is when you're looking at them, the rest of the time you're f-ed.

Okay, ranting over.

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  1. I have seen this guy before and i just think he is creepy lol.